Tax Preparation

Many tax preparers simply look at the information that you provide with preparing a tax return. We use the information that you provide and diligently look for additional tax savings in areas that you may have missed. This type of oversight requires a thorough knowledge of the tax code and knowing how to apply those complex regulations to your tax situation. Our focus is in helping clients in the tax process and to do so at an affordable price.

Some of the things that set me apart include:

  • Knowing what questions to ask to get an accurate picture of your tax situation
  • Knowing where to look to find additional deductions
  • Knowing how to advise you in tax planning to minimize future taxes
  • Knowing how transactions can be structured to minimize tax liability

Contact us to discuss your tax situation and receive a tax organizer.

First Time Clients

If this is the first time with us we will need some additional information. We prefer to see your past tax returns because we often find errors or omissions for which you could receive additional refunds. First time clients should provide:

  • Tax returns for the last three years
  • Investment records
  • Information on trusts, corporations, or other business entities